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Miami Beach is the first city in the state to give the public access to up-to-date information - in real time -

for code violation cases that are before the Special Master. The Special Master hears cases brought before

them by the Building, Code Compliance, and Fire Departments.

To check for code violations against a property in Miami Beach, use the search tool below:

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Code Compliance Division

The Neighborhood Services Department, Code Compliance Division handles all of your code compliance concerns including addressing violations in residential and commercial areas. This site provides information that is specific to noise complaints and other code violations that are handled by the Code Compliance Division.

Please note that the term "Permit" refers to "Violation" and "Permit Number" refers to the "Code compliance case/complaint number".

Information from this site may or may not represent the total record of violations for a specific address, and no representation is made that this information is a correct and complete record of code violations, including any outstanding fines or liens. The information provided is specific to the selected folio number or address only. If this property is located within a multi-family property, such as a condominium, there may be outstanding violations or liens that are attached to the commonly owned areas. These areas, such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, pools, etc., may have separate violations and/or liens and can be found under the folio numbers for that separate property. Please contact the Utility Billing Division, the Building Department and the Code Compliance Division for more information about liens and violations.

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Please note that the term "Permit" refers to "Violation" throughout this application.