Folio Numbers

The Real Estate Folio Number, also known as Parcel Number or Property ID Number, is a 13 digit sequence that is particular to a single piece of property.

You can search for a real estate folio number by address or name using the Property Search application (Below).

Each digit, or set of digits, has a meaning or origin in the composition of the Folio Number.

The folio number consists of 13 numbers (i.e. 00-0000-000-0000).

  • The first 2 digits represent the municipality code. The number 30 has been reserved to represent the unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County.
  • The next 4 digits identify the location on a map, based on Township, Range and Section
  • Townships run from North to south in ascending order, from 51 to 60. Each township is six square miles, divided into 36 sections.
  • Ranges run from West to East in ascending order from 35 to 42.
  • Sections determine the location within a township and range. A section is one square mile (1 square mile = 640 acres).
  • The next three digits represent the subdivision, acreage or plat.
  • 000 = a subdivision that has not been platted
  • 001 = the first plat within the section of the township and range.
  • The final four digits represent the parcel number, the actual location of a property.